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Teach Yourself Computer Science is a motivating and invaluable resource for self-taught programmers.

Coursera, Udacity, edX courses

📖 编程语言
Programming Languages, Part AUniversity of WashingtonCoursera-
Programming Languages, Part BUniversity of WashingtonCoursera-
Programming Languages, Part CUniversity of WashingtonCoursera-
Functional Programming in ScalaÉcole polytechnique fédérale de LausanneCoursera并行计算
📖 算法和数据结构
Algorithms, Part IPrinceton UniversityCoursera-
Algorithms, Part IIPrinceton UniversityCoursera-
AlgorithmsStanford UniversityCoursera系列
Algorithms and Data StructuresUCSDedx系列
📖 底层
Introduction to Operating SystemsGeorgia TechUdacity-
Computation Structures - Part 1: Digital CircuitsMITedx-
Computer ArchitecturePrinceton UniversityCoursera较难
📖 网络和安全
Crytography IStanford UniversityCoursera较难,数学要求高
Networking for Web DevelopersUdacityUdacity-