Friends | 友链

Most authors nowadays publish their articles on platforms like WeChat, Juejin, or Medium. Unfortunately, their content sometimes gets lost in a sea of clickbaity ads. Even worse, many articles are locked inside a walled garden.

It’s delightful to see there are still people out there, tinkering with technologies of the Open Web and presenting their passion with a personal touch.

This is a compilation of such personal blog sites that I have come across and found inspiring. I hope this list can help you discover more sites like this one.

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish - Edward Elric’s Blog

Web Development, Rust, Programming Languages.

Prin Blog

Fullstack Development. Prin says he’s obsessed with layout and typography. I can testify to that.

Island - youngxhui’s blog

We share a lot of interests (e.g. Kotlin) and blogged about several common topics.

Luyu Huang’s Tech Blog

Luyu Huang is a software engineer and game developer. His blog features topics on programming, algorithm, mathematics, game design etc.

Dorck’s Blog

道轲:编程语言/开源/极客路上的初行者。Kotlin, Android.

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